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Arkansas Wynne
Methadone Programs

Methadone programs in Wynne assist those addicted to heroin and other opioids as a form of harm reduction and treatment. Methadone is a long lasting synthetic opiate that prevents symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal and reduces craving for additional opiate use. Some Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Program in Wynne provide methadone assisted recovery however most methadone maintenance programs consist primarily as outpatient clinics and dispensaries. Methadone programs in Wynne help opiate dependent individuals by reducing the negative behaviors and consequences associated with the illicit use of heroin and other opiates. These benefits include: reduced or stopped use of intravenous drug use, reduced risk of overdose, reduced spread of infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, reduced drug related crime, improved family stability, improved employment potential, and improved pregnancy outcomes. It is important to note that methadone itself is an addictive opiate narcotic and although methadone programs may effectively reduce the harm associated with opiate addiction, it does not constitute a full recovery. Full recovery is achieved through Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities in Wynne that focus on complete abstinence rather than partial harm reduction or drug substitution.

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Catar Clinic
Catar Clinic is a drug and alcohol treatment center that is located at 1401 South University Avenue Little Rock, AR 72204. You can contact Catar Clinic by calling (501) 664-7833.
Types of Services Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab, Detox, Methadone Programs, Methadone Detox, Outpatient, Spanish 
Payment Forms Self Pay 

University of Arkansas for
University of Arkansas for is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that is located at 4224 Sheffield Drive 4th Floor Suite 453 Little Rock, AR 72205. You can contact University of Arkansas for by calling (501) 526-8400.
Types of Services Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab, Methadone Programs, Outpatient, Dual Diagnosis, AIDS and HIV, Gay and Lesbian, Adult 50 and over, Pregnant Women, Women, Men, Assistance for Hearing Impaired 
Payment Structure Sliding Scale Fees 
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Springdale Treatment Center
Springdale Treatment Center is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program that is located at 1353 E Henri de Tonti Boulevard Suite A Springdale, AR 72762. You can contact Springdale Treatment Center by calling (479) 306-4480.
Types of Services Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab, Detox, Methadone Programs, Methadone Detox, Outpatient, Assistance for Hearing Impaired 
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